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[etree]Steve Wynn Live at Kulturbolaget on 1992-10-02 - Steve Wynn
01. Drag 02. Carolyn 03. A Dazzling Display 04. Burn 05. Something To Remember Me By 06. Grace 07. My Old Haunts 08. Tuesday 09. Killing Time 10. Tears Won't Help (cut) 11. Tears Won't Help (cont.) 12. Kerosene Man 13. 405 14. Whatever You Please 15. Boston 16. Younger 17. Brown Eyed Girl
Keywords: Steve Wynn
Downloads: 77
[etree]The Soundtrack of Our Lives Live at Folkets Park on 2009-08-09 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Babel On Universal Stalker Instant Repeater 99 Thrill Me Big Time Fly Second Life Replay Flipside Sister Surround Tonight
Downloads: 1,123
[etree]Tortoise Live at Debaser on 2009-12-05 - Tortoise
intro Gigantes Prepare Your Coffin Charteroak Foundation Dot/Eyes Monica In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men I Set My Face to the Hillside Eros The Suspension Bridge at Iguazú Falls Minors High Class Slim Came Floatin' In Seneca Yinxianghechengqi (aka Omnichord) Crest Salt the Skies
Downloads: 106
[etree]Little Feat Live at Kulturbolaget on 2004-07-05 - Little Feat
Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden 07-05-04 Marginal Creatures Time Loves A Hero Day Or Night Mercenary Territory Representing The Mambo Heaven Forsaken Texas Rose Cafe Cadillac Hotel Willin` > Don't Bogart That Joint It Takes A Lot To Laugh Dixie Chicken > I Do What The Telephone Tells Me To Do - encore - Fatman In The Bathtub > Get Up Stand Up
Keywords: Little Feat, Live Concert, Sweden
Downloads: 196
[etree]Steve Wynn Live at KB on 1997-05-01 - Steve Wynn
01. intro 02. The Medicine Show 03. The Days Of Wine And Roses 04. Sweetness And Light 05. Something To Remember Me By 06. Drinking Problem 07. Shelley's Blues, Pt. 2 08. For All I Care 09. Merritville 10. Baby, We All Gotta Go Down 11. That's Why I Wear Black 12. What We Call Love 13. The Side I'll Never Show 14. Tell Me When It's Over 15. My Old Haunts 16. Boston 17. Burn 18. Carolyn
Keywords: Steve Wynn
Downloads: 64
[texts]Försök med automatisk separering av referenser i en flerspråkig databas - Inger Bierschenk
New types of information- and documentation systems are developed in most countries of the world. Several types of information have been available, but in spite of highly advanced techniques, no programs are yet handling multi-lingual information. This report presents a program, which separates titles of research documents automatically. The search program is based on the matching of specific cues in six languages, which coincide with patterns in the titles...
Keywords: computational linguistics; computerbased lexicology; scientific information; language separation; multilingual database
Downloads: 7
[etree]Steve Wynn Live at Debaser on 2010-11-19 - Steve Wynn
halloween ribbons and chains cindy, it was always you consider the source resolution bullet with my name on it death valley rain shelley's blues, pt 2 no one ever drowns strange new world colored lights the deep end thats what you always say amphetamine 500 girl mornings the days of wine and roses
Downloads: 188
[etree]Steve Wynn Live at Kulturbolaget on 1998-02-20 - Steve Wynn
01. When You Smile 02. Silver Lining 03. Black Magic 04. Merritville 05. 405 06. This Deadly Game 07. Shelley's Blues, Pt. 2 08. Why 09. Tears Won't Help 10. In Love With Everyone 11. Halloween 12. Boston 13. happy birthsday, Steve 14. Sweetness And Light 15. The Medicine Show 16. Carolyn
Keywords: Steve Wynn
Downloads: 53
[etree]Steve Wynn Live at Debaser on 2010-11-19 - Steve Wynn
halloween ribbons and chains cindy, it was always you consider the source resolution bullet with my name on it death valley rain shelley's blues, pt 2 no one ever drowns strange new world colored lights the deep end thats what you always say amphetamine 500 girl mornings the days of wine and roses
Downloads: 108
[texts]A Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Data: Some Problems in the Construction and Application of Coding Rules - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report discusses the development of a technique for a computer-based content analysis It presents a flowchart of different stages in the design of an Analysis of Concepts by Data-processing. The acronym ANACONDA is the name that has been given to this technique. A condensed preliminary version of ANACONDA is presented and empirical results are shown from the application of the technique by independent coders to test materials...
Keywords: linguistic data; concept analysis; intercoder agreement; interview text; psycholinguistics
Downloads: 25
[texts]Simulering av interpersonella relationer i lärarutbildningen: Utveckling av ett schema för klassifikation av handlingsförslag vid lösande av lärar-elev-problem - Gunlög Frost
This report presents the development of a classification schedule to be used in the behaviour simulator SIR (simulation of interpersonal relations). The schedule is based on measures proposed by student teachers for the solution of teacher-pupil problems in the simulator. Essential components have been extracted from the alternatives as a basis for categorisation. The next step is division into time phases, i.e...
Keywords: self-confrontation; action proposal; interactive behaviour; simulation
Downloads: 38
[etree]The Soundtrack of Our Lives Live at Kulturbolaget on 2005-12-17 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Four ages (Part II) Not kinda worried? Rest in peace It Ain't Free (Livin' In A Bubble) To somewhere else Side effects In your veins Lone summer dream Embryonic Rendezvous Infa Riot Everyday Preacher For good Still ageing The flood Set 2 intro Hang tens Pass Through Fear Galaxy Grammophone / Dog Days Love Song #3105 Believe I've found Keep The Line Movin' Heading For A Breakdown Just a Brother Lifeline The New Messiah Nevermore Instant Repeater 99 Impact & Egos Tonight Jehova Sunrise Legend In H...
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 3,244
[etree]Eluvium Live at Debaser on 2008-05-06 - Eluvium
1. under the water it glowed > after nature 2. Radio Ballet 3. Taken 4. An accidental memory in the Case of Death 5. Repose in Blue
Downloads: 2,144 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[texts]Ett datorprogram för syntaktisk kodning av titlar till vetenskapliga skrifter - Bernhard Bierschenk, Inger Bierschenk, & Agneta Sternerup-Hansson,
A user-oriented coding of knowledge, which is disseminated through titles to scientific work requires information systems,which build on cognitive models. A computer program with comments to conceptual coding of titles is presented in this report. The cognitive model, which has governed the program development, is described briefly. The functioning of the program is illustrated with some computer outputs from a data base, which is representative of Swedish educational research. 
Keywords: computer linguistics; program development; pattern generation; register; information; intermediate; cognition; documentation
Downloads: 52
[etree]Dream Syndicate Live at Kulturbolaget on 1988-10-00 - Dream Syndicate
01. Burn 02. The Medicine Show 03. Now I Ride Alone 04. Black 05. When You Smile 06. Halloween 07. Boston
Keywords: Steve Wynn; Dream Syndicate
Downloads: 79
[etree]Band of Heathens Live at Babel on 2011-05-11 - Band of Heathens
Wilson And Otis Look At Miss Ohio Jenny Was A Keeper Free Again Polaroid Hangin' Tree Ain't No More Cane Gris Gris Satchel Talking Out Loud Shine A Light Medicine Man Enough I Ain't Runnin' Jackson Station Gravity
Downloads: 346 (1 review)
[texts]Perceptual, Evaluative and Behavioural Changes through Externally Mediated Self-confrontation - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report describes the development and application of the idea of microteaching in research and education. It presents a cybernetic model for a systematic and controlled study of the way in which the individual makes use of different feedback devices for self-control and self-direction. The model is applied in an examination of an extremely comprehensive collection of research literature. The result of the investigation is studied with regard to its significance for a person's ability to make...
Keywords: cybernetic model; microsettings; experiments; teacher education
Downloads: 40
[texts]A System for Interactive Behaviour Simulation - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a system for simulation of interactive behaviour strategies. The system has been constructed on the basis of a psycho-ecological model. The basic unit is an event. Each event has been concretised by means of closed circuit television and video recording techniques and anchored in three basic paradigms of behavioural science, namely the paradigms of association, structure and process...
Keywords: adaptive behaviour; strategies; simulation; events; actions; principles
Downloads: 37
[texts]Externally Mediated Self-confrontation: The Influence of Personality Variables on the Perception and Evaluation of Subject-Object Relations - Bernhard Bierschenk
In a self-confrontation experiment, student teachers have been put through an extensive test battery containing personality tests, cognitive tests and attitude tests. In this report an analysis is presented of the influence of personality on the student teachers' perception and evaluation during confrontation with their own video-recorded micro-lessons. Using a number of multivariate models for data analysis, prediction problems and relations between the content of different groups of variables ...
Keywords: teacher training experiment; CCTV; muliple regression; re-assessment; longitudinal; perceptual development
Downloads: 108
[texts]Theorie und Praxis in der Oberstufe der schwedischen Grundschule - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report presents a descriptive study of the educational system in Sweden with special emphasis on the upper level of the comprehensive school. An attempt is made to survey the goals and the realisation of the goals in the practical school situation. Thereby, the focus has been directed upon the attempts being made to adapt the school to the demands of a quickly developing modern society.
Keywords: school reform; descriptive study; comprehensive school; Sweden; comparative eduction; curriculum; school system; upper level
Downloads: 45
[texts]Television som tekniskt hjälpmedel i utbildning och pedagogisk-psykologisk forskning: En bibliografisk redovisning, 1971-1974 - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report is a fifth bibliographic account of literature concerning television as a technical aid in education and in educational and psychological research and contains materials published during the period 1971 to 1974. The references are classified according to 8 main categories, each having 4 subdivisions. The bibliography contains references, which are a result of computer search in the files of ERIC, ISI and SSCI...
Keywords: microteaching; television; computer search; technical aids
Downloads: 39
[texts]Datorbaserad litteratursökning - Bernhard Bierschenk
Scientific communication presumes a well functioning information and documentation system. Information retrieval systems have been designed for making possible rapid and precise answers to inquiries. This report includes (1) a short survey of international and national documentation activities, (2) a description of rules and criteria to be used and the way these can be applied in an information retrieval system, and (3) some empirical results, identifying the needs for information and the uses t...
Keywords: information needs; information uses; computer-based literature search; retrieval systems
Downloads: 53
[texts]Ein neues Verfahren zur Lösung psychometrischer Probleme in der Analyse verbaler Daten - Bernhard Bierschenk
In behavioural science research verbal expressions are analysed with various methods and techniques. However, in order to describe the relations within an entire sentence quantitatively with the aid of multivariate statistical procedures, ANACONDA has been developed. This acronym implies the notion of a method for the Analysis of Concepts by means of Data Processing.
Keywords: psychometrics; content analysis; semantic differentials
Downloads: 25
[texts]Ett experiment med återgivning av information i titlar: Materialbeskrivning - Inger Bierschenk
This document is a working paper aimed at discussing the prerequisites for an experiment in larger scale on information in scientific titles. It contains hypotheses regarding researchersâ structuring of their titles and proposes a model for recognition of structured information based on the Problem-Method-Goal paradigm, whose cue pointers are prepositions. On this basis, criteria for selecting titles for the experiment are proposed together with a presentation of the primary linguistic patterns...
Keywords: computational linguistics; algorithmic coding; pattern generation; intermediate language; empirical database
Downloads: 17
[texts]Datorprogram till ANACONDA - en teknik för textanalys - Leif Robertsson
This report presents a comprehensive description of the computing methods used for testing ANACONDA (Analysis of Concepts by Data processing). Of special importance is the program developed for identification of words in the text with words in the dictionary. In the form of an appendix some background information to the ANACONDA method is given.
Keywords: computer language; program development; word identification; matching procedure
Downloads: 62
[texts]Handledning för rapportering av beteendevetenskaplig forskning - Bernhard Bierschenk
To enable the examination and evaluation of the quality of scientific publications and research funding, researchers should rely heavily on the principles of behavioural research for conducting and reporting empirical studies. In this report both general rules and suggested conventions have been compiled, i.e. (1) general principles for designing and evaluating behavioural research, (2) suggestions for principles to guide the researcher in preparing scientific reports for publication, and (3) co...
Keywords: research; behavioural; reporting; guide; preparation; design; control; criteria; writing; convention
Downloads: 49
[texts]Reliabilitetsprövning av en metod för innehållsanalys av intervjutext - Marjanna Berg
In a research project on search and steering strategies in educational and psychological research planning, interviews with researchers working in departments of educational and psychological research are being analysed. The present report deals with the first step in developing a computer-based content analysis control of inter-coder agreement in syntactic-concept based coding of interview materials...
Keywords: content analysis; reliability testing; coder agreement; interview data
Downloads: 63
[texts]An Ecological Approach to the Processing of Symbolic Information - Bernhard Bierschenk
This article attempts to prove that an adequate cognition oriented approach to the processing of symbolic information abstracted from verbal expressions must consider a running text instead of scattered sentences. It is argued that the dominant cognition models do not give due consideration to the fact that a valid abstraction of in-formation structures has to be based on an explicit encoding of intentionality and valuation...
Keywords: cognitive model; assessment; symbolic information; dendrogram; discriminant function; multivariate analysis
Downloads: 22
[texts]En longitudinell analys av kunskapsutvecklingen inom utbildningsforskningen - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report is an initial description and analysis of developmental trends in educational research in Sweden since 1937. The analysis is based on an attempt to give a quantitative description of accessible knowledge. The starting point is a strictly random generated sample of researchers in this field. The analysis indicates that the flow of knowledge mainly depends on a very small but highly active group of researchers.
Keywords: knowledge; development; quantitative; longitudinal; empirical; I&D; psychology; bibliometrics; social science; researcher
Downloads: 51
[texts]Research Planning from a Micro-ecological Perspective: Summary of Interview Study - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a summary of an interview study. The purpose of the study has been to obtain empirical information on how researchers at institutes of education perceive, structure, and define educational and psychological problems. The collection, evaluation and presentation of the results of the study have been made on the basis of system theoretic assumptions.
Keywords: research policy; interview data; system analysis; concept formation
Downloads: 23
[etree]The Soundtrack of Our Lives Live at Malmöfestivalen, Stora Scenen on 2012-08-22 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
intro throw it to the universe firmanent vacation keep the line movin independent luxury where's the rock nevermore when we fall thrill me faster than the speed of light second life replay > sister surround mantra slider the passover
Downloads: 682
[etree]The Soundtrack of Our Lives Live at Kulturbolaget on 2001-03-30 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
intro broken imaginary time infra riot firmament vacation still aging ten years ahead confrontation camp the flood tonight (w simon olsson on mellotron) instant repeater 99 sister surround 21st century rip off nevermore dow jones syndrome keep the line movin mind the gap jehova sunrise mantra slider
Downloads: 37
[etree]The Flower Kings Live at Unknown on 2013-02-23 - The Flower Kings
1: Numbers 2: Cosmic Lover 3: The Truth Will Set You Free 4: Rising the Imperial 5: Last Minute on Earth 6: In the Eyes of the World
Keywords: progressive rock
Downloads: 177
[texts]En modell för ett interaktivt informations- och dokumentationssystem - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report is based on studies of literature and the writerâs own experiences of the use of computer-based information and documentation systems. The report presents principles for the development of an interactive, self-regulating and self-controlling information and documentation system. Based on a system theoretical point of view a model for a realisation of an information and documentation system is outlined...
Keywords: I&D-system; network; education; I&D-functions; self-regulation; self-control
Downloads: 67
[texts]Processanalys och beteendeträning i lärarutbildningen: Simulering av interpersonella relationer (SIR) - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report presents a research program, the purpose of which is to study (1) the development of the individual's self-cognition and competence in handling interpersonal relations, (2) the individual's sensitivity in observing the course of an event and ability to develop flexible strategies of behaviour in interactions with others. A model for the simulation of interactive behaviour is outlined. The model is based on three behavioural principles and has guided the preliminary construction of a s...
Keywords: behaviour simulation; model development; interaction strategies; test results
Downloads: 48
[texts]Television as a Technical Aid in Education and in Educational and Psychological Research: A Bibliography - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report is a bibliographic account concerning television as a technical aid in education and in pedagogical and psychological research. The main stress in this bibliography lies on English and German dissertations from the period 1962-1969. To some extent other published materials in the English language are also included.
Keywords: television; technical aid; bibliographic data; subject index; name index
Downloads: 47
[texts]Perception, strukturering och precisering av pedagogiska och psykologiska forskningsproblem på pedagogiska institutioner i Sverige - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents and motivates the theoretical frame of reference and choice of research strategies and methods in a project on research planning. It contains (1) a theoretical model and (2) empirical data concerning the initial phase of the research process. A model, based on principles of general systems theory and a psychology of information, is described and the design of an interview study and its realization is reported...
Keywords: research problems; structuring; perception evaluation; policy; descriptive statistics; general systems theory
Downloads: 171
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Analyser av lärarkandidaters självbedömning och pedagogiska experters bedömningar - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains analyses of the results of student teachers' self-assessment and the assessment by pedagogical experts on videotaped protocol material. The data have been analysed by means of ANOVA and canonical correlations. Further, the ANOVA has been carried out in three steps: Analysis of (1) structure of the F-tests, (2) precision and power and (3) post hoc analyses. Canonical correlations have been analysed with regard to (1) significant bi-variate relations, (2) the relations between...
Keywords: CCTV-experiment; assessments; educational experts; self-confrontation; contrast analysis; Anova; multivariate analysis; precision analysis; effect size index
Downloads: 53
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Analyser av pedagogiska experters bedömningar - Bernhard Bierschenk
The classroom behaviour of student teachers has been recorded on videotape. Educational experts have assessed these videotaped materials. This report contains a description and the conclusions reached. The assessment is analysed and discussed at the item level and at the level of the six subject-object categories constituting the Assessment and Evaluation Schedule. The observations have been analysed by means of ANOVA which has been carried out in three steps: (1) analysis of the structure of th...
Keywords: CCTV; experiment; educational expert; assessment; Anova; precision; effect size
Downloads: 53
[texts]Television as a Technical Aid in Education and in Educational and Psychological Research: A Bibliographic Account of German Literature - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report is a bibliographical account of German literature on television as a technical aid in education and in pedagogical and psychological research. The bibliography covers publications produced between 1960 and 1970.
Keywords: television; technical aid; bibliographic data; subject index; name index
Downloads: 49
[texts]Teoretiska och psykometriska problem vid en datorbaserad analys av intervjutext - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents the psycholinguistic model underlying the development of a method for a computer-based content analysis, called ANACONDA. A program-flow diagram for the construction of concepts illustrates basic steps in the Semantic Differential Technique. Some metric properties of the scales applied are discussed. The empirical approach of scaling linguistic elements (adjectives and verbs), which are taken out of context, are described...
Keywords: scaling; Osgood; semantic differentials; regression; panel; similarity analysis
Downloads: 108
[etree]A Silver Mt Zion Live at Debaser on 2008-10-01 - A Silver Mt Zion
13 blues for thirteen moons take these hands and throw them in the river black waters blowed / engine broken down blues 1000 000 died to make this sound there is a light horses in the sky
Downloads: 1,485 (1 review)
[texts]Innehållsanalys som forskningsmetod - Bernhard Bierschenk
Practicable methods for a thorough, reliable and valid analysis of content are fundamental for the behavioural scientist who is working with sets of verbal data. This report presents principles and methodological suggestions of data collections and data analyses. Problems of reliability and validity are discussed in connection with given examples. Methods and techniques for computer-based content analyses are also introduced...
Keywords: concept; formation; psycho-linguistics; scaling; description; statistics; regression; verbal data
Downloads: 90
[texts]Self-confrontation via Closed Circuit Television in Teacher Training: Results, Implications and Recommendations - Bernhard Bierschenk
An experimental study was carried out at the Malmö School of Education in 1969 and 1970 for the purpose of studying the effects on the self-assessment of student teachers of, firstly, externally mediated self-confrontation processes (via closed-circuit television and video-recording), and secondly, dyadic confrontation processes (in the form of traditional tutoring). Detailed reports on the background, design and result of the experiment have been presented in Swedish...
Keywords: micro-teaching; closed circuit television; video-recording; teacher training; self-confrontation; self assessment; self-evaluation; dyadic confrontation; experimental design; canonical correlations
Downloads: 139
[texts]Att mäta subjekt-objekt relationer i externt förmedlade självkonfrontationsprocesser via intern television: Presentation av ett kategorisystem - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains (1) a discussion of general methodological problems in content analyses, (2) a description of the applied content analysis technique, (3) an estimation of the agreement of judges in determining and extracting the basic units of the analysis and (4) an estimation of the coder agreement in coding these units. The coding rules and the preliminary version of the category system are given in appendices.
Keywords: verbal data; coder agreement; classification; instructions; coding system
Downloads: 149
[texts]Ett system för interaktiv beteendesimulering - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a system for the simulation of interactive behaviour strategies. The system has been constructed on the basis of a psycho-ecological model. The core of this system is an action-oriented behaviour simulation. The reliability of the information mediating variables, which have been built into the system, has been calculated. These are the association, structure and process paradigms...
Keywords: behaviour simulation; system analysis; event; action; mediating variables
Downloads: 61
[texts]Simulering av interpersonella relationer i lärarutbildningen: En vidareutveckling av SIR - Gunlög Frost
The report describes the development of an interactive be­haviour simulator, anchored in theories of behavioural science. It is based on an interaction between teacher be­haviours and video-recorded pupil reactions. After presen­tation of a number of investigations concerning simulation in teacher training, a short description is given of the de­velopment of a simulator (SIR). This version has been tested on a small number of student teachers...
Keywords: self-confronation; interactive behaviour; simulation; behaviour theories; real-time imaging
Downloads: 75
[texts]A Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Text: Numerical Description and Multivariate Analysis - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report describes the method of approach used in an analysis of the dimensionality of interview texts. By means of cluster analysis models, the interview materials have been agglomerated. On the basis of these results the relation pattern has then been studied by means of a discriminant analysis. In the final discussion the results are related to (1) the psycholinguistic model and (2) the model of the research process, which have guided this research.
Keywords: content analysis; scaling; cluster; discriminant analysis; semantic differentials
Downloads: 86
[texts]Att söka information via Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) - Bernhard Bierschenk
Social Sciences Citation Index is a new information system. It differs in several aspects from traditional bibliographic aids used by researchers in the social sciences. This compendium contains a presentation of SSCI and a description of some search problems in order to show how SSCI should be used in a systematic search for scientific information.
Keywords: information; documentation; social science; computerbased; research
Downloads: 33
[texts]Television as a Technical Aid in Education and in Educational and Psychological Research: A Bibliography (Continued) - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report is a supplementary bibliographic account to the report, published 1969, in this series, namely Didakometry, No. 24, ark:/13960/t6932fj2j, concerning television as a technical aid in education and in pedagogical and psychological research. The main stress in this report lies on English dissertations from the period 1968-1970. To some extent other published materials in the English language are also included.
Keywords: television; technical aid; bibliographic data; subject index; name index
Downloads: 28
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